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We are the trusted resource for helping dealers navigate the complex process of selling their dealerships, while protecting confidentiality, preserving the legacy, and maximizing the value. Contact us to get started.

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    Over 900 dealerships sold ranging from the publicly traded companies and national dealership groups, to regional dealers and single-rooftop dealerships.


    Expand your business with a strategic acquisition opportunity. Browse featured dealerships for sale or contact us for the most up-to-date listings in your market area.

    Download Our Buy-Sell Guide

    “A Roadmap to Buying or Selling a Harley-Davidson or Powersports Dealership” provides a comprehensive overview of the buy-sell process, explores the art of valuations, and provides insightful tips for dealers considering buying or selling a powersports dealership.

    Benefits of Becoming Our Client

    Confidential Consultation
    Evaluate market conditions and develop a strategy to accomplish your personal and business goals.
    Estimate of Value
    Receive a complimentary estimate of value, helping you determine if now is the right time to sell.
    Straightforward Agreements
    Fair and reasonable, flexible, easy to understand, and always without any fine print.
    Success Fee Only
    No upfront fees. No retainers. We are paid a success fee at closing.
    Unwavering Representation
    Loyal, dedicated, and unwavering representation of your best interests.
    Transaction Support
    We remain intimately involved, guiding you to a successful closing.

    Why Should I Hire a Broker?
    A dealership often represents the majority of a family’s net worth and should be handled with care by an experienced broker. We actively manage the buy-sell process from beginning to end. We help you establish an asking price consistent with the market conditions and latest trends, develop a custom-tailored marketing strategy to identify the buyers most qualified to meet your specific goals, negotiate from a position of strength to maximize the value of your business, guard your confidentiality, guide you through the complexities of the transaction, and assist with the due diligence stage and through the closing, while ensuring that your best interests are protected. We are a full-service brokerage firm, by your side every step of the way.
    Why Is PBS Different?
    With PBS, you can expect the full force of a powerhouse brokerage firm with a personal touch. Family-owned and operated, we ensure that every client gets the proper attention he or she deserves, treating our clients like we would our own family. Our reputation is governed by the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct. These core values run deep throughout our firm and are the foundation for our success. As such, you can trust that your best interests are always at the forefront of our actions.

    Experience the difference!
  • We charge a success fee only with no upfront fees and no retainers.
  • Our engagement agreements are straight-forward, flexible, and with no fine print.
  • We do not hoard listings to build an inventory.
  • We work hard to accomplish the unique goals of our clients.
  • With a 90% closing rate, we actively manage the process to ensure its success.
  • We provide regular updates on activity flow and expert guidance at every step.
  • Having genuine care for our clients, they often become our friends in the end.

  • Understanding these are life changing decisions, we take a no-pressure approach. Your satisfaction is our top priority and you will not be disappointed.
    What Are Your Fees?
    While providing an unmatched quality of service and a higher closing rate, we offer a competitive and reasonable fee structure. We do not charge any retainers nor upfront fees like most other brokerage firms. We do not expect any reimbursement of marketing or travel costs. We charge a success fee only, paid at closing and after you are paid.
    How Do You Maximize Value?
    The sale of your business is the last opportunity for the assets to generate income for you. We work hard to maximize the value on your behalf.

    Earnings Adjustments: We adjust the earnings to reflect discretionary and one-time expenses, which enhances the representation. We factor the upside potential, a host of intangible variables, and the market trends that further influence the value.

    Asset Adjustments: Accounting for accelerated depreciation, assets that are not booked, and varying valuation methods, the value of your assets may be significantly higher than book value.

    Expert Negotiations: We negotiate on your behalf from a position of strength as industry experts with local market familiarity, utilizing an unmatched amount of data from national transactions across our 10 offices.

    The Deal Flow: Creating a competitive environment among multiple buyers ensures you receive fair market value. Buyer’s decision to buy is validated knowing others are also interested. A sense of urgency and fear of loss are introduced, expediting the process and ensuring timely performance and continued fair negotiations.
    How Long is the Process?
    The sales cycle from engagement to closing ranges on average from 6-8 months. How do you expedite the process? Early preparation of your dealership for a sale. Establish an asking price consistent with market conditions. Maintain clean books and records. Involve specialized attorneys and accountants. Utilize an experienced dealership broker to identify a unique and motivated purchaser, and to help you avoid pitfalls and delays.

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