Dealership Valuation Services

Buy-Sell Transactions

Before going to market, determine if the market conditions can accomplish your goals.

Estate Planning

Have an arm’s length valuation prepared by industry experts.


Secure financing for a dealership acquisition.

Our valuations consider the impact that the most pertinent variables have on value

Franchise desirability and market share in your area.
Does the facility meet the manufacturer’s image-compliance?
Benchmark comparisons and key performance indicators.
Primary market area, competition, accessibility and visibility.
Quality, tenure, culture, right-sized, turn-key readiness.
Sales effectiveness, units in operation, population growth, expansion.

Are You Considering Selling Your Business?

Connect with one of our expert advisors for a confidential consultation to discuss the selling process and begin planning your exit strategy.


Beware of the myth of the multiple of earnings

Dealerships are franchised businesses with territorial protection, and therefore, command value regardless of their historical performance. The value of a business cannot lie solely in its track record, and the multiple cannot be determined solely by the franchise. Determining the value of an enterprise and understanding how to calculate the value of a dealership, especially the goodwill portion, is a complex process and yet, a large part of it is an art and not an exact science. Do not rely on overly simplified rules of thumbs, as these might lead to unrealistic expectations or an unfavorable outcome.

Complimentary Opinion of Value

Contact us for a complimentary opinion of value on your business with no strings attached. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision on whether now is the right time to explore a sale.

Confidential Consultation

During our initial meeting, we will better understand your unique personal and business goals and help you develop a custom-tailored marketing strategy to accomplish those goals.

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