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Targeted Search

We identify and solicit specific opportunities that fit your strategic growth plans.

Bypass the Open Market

Analyze opportunities without competition, allowing you the time to make an informed decision.

Transaction Support

We negotiate on your behalf and closely manage the process to reach a successful outcome.

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Utilizing Our Resources

For 30 years, we have specialized exclusively in dealership sales. As a client, you will benefit from 30 years of relationships.

National Database of Dealerships

A comprehensive database of all the dealerships nationwide across all verticals.

Industry Professionals

An extensive of network attorneys, accountants, lenders, appraisers, inventory specialists, and environmental engineers.

10 Offices Nationwide

With regional offices around the US and Canada, we offer you national reach and local market familiarity.


Expand your portfolio with a strategic acquisition opportunity. We represent dealerships for sale across all dealership verticals. Contact us for the most up-to-date listings in your industry or market area.

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Review hundreds of testimonials from dealer-clients about their experiences working with us.


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Learn about our advisory services, whether buying or selling a dealership, meet our team across our 10 offices, and review testimonials from some of the top dealers around the country.

Strategic Buying Program
Quality dealerships rarely make it to the open market. The Strategic Buying Program is a custom-tailored service soliciting specific stores, regions, markets, and franchises on your behalf only, targeting dealerships that are not listed for sale or “off-market.” This bypasses the open market, allowing you the time and room to thoroughly analyze an opportunity and make a decision to pass or proceed without competition.

Utilizing our relationships with dealers and their gatekeepers, and compounded with our reputation, they trust that our inquiry is genuine and will be kept confidential.

Don’t miss out on a premier or synergistic opportunity. We offer a comprehensive service to help you acquire your next dealership on your terms:

  • Confidential consultation.
  • Personal and custom-tailored solicitations.
  • Evaluation of acquisition opportunities.
  • Intermediary services once potential sellers are identified.
  • Loyal, dedicated and unwavering representation.
  • Vigilant protection of confidentiality.
  • Transactional support until the deal is closed.
  • Assemble Your Buying Team
    The acquisition of a franchised dealership can yield a highly desired return on investment, either as a first-time buyer or as an addition to your existing portfolio.

    To prepare for a purchase, begin by assembling your Buying Team and identifying your buying criteria consistent with your financial capabilities and desired return on investment.

    Your Buying Team should be comprised of a buy-sell attorney, accountant, financial lender, and dealership broker or buy-sell advisor. You may also consider engaging an experienced operator if you are a first-time buyer or intend to be an absentee owner. Your Buying Team will be instrumental in ensuring a successful transaction.

    Develop Your Buying Criteria
    There are many variables that make up a dealership profile. Consider your motivation for a purchase as this may help you finetune your buying criteria.

    Brand Representation: Study the various manufacturers and franchises, understand their market share and how they performs in a particular market, research the requirements for facility improvements and manufacturer approval.

    Performance Thresholds: Establish your thresholds on items like sales, gross profit, net profit, fixed operations gross profit, number of units sold, new to used ratio, etc. Look for any unusual performance benchmarks that might not be sustainable or replicable.

    Performer or Underperformer: A well-performing dealership with a consistent track record reduces the risk associated with the investment, and therefore, tends to have a higher price tag. If you have the skillset to turn around an underperformer, you can expect a greater return on investment. Consider which is the better-suited approach.

    Location: Regions, states, or specific markets. Metro, fringe metro, or rural. Population, demographics, accessibility, highway visibility, competition, etc.

    Real Property: Most buyers prefer to buy the real property. However, if you are short the funds required for a purchase or if a gap exists between you and the seller, the rental income provided to a seller in a lease may offer a path to securing the deal.

    It is important to remain patient during your search. Unlike real estate, there is no listing service of dealerships available for sale. It can take months to identify the right opportunity, and it can be another 4-6 months until closing.

    Capital & Financing
    Your accountant will help you prepare a budget and a business plan to be provided to your financial lender. The OEMs may source the cash invested. Certain assets and inventories of the business are financeable depending on the requirements of the lender and the OEM. Those assets and inventories typically include:

    New Vehicle Inventory: 100% financed through a short-term loan secured by the new vehicle, referred to as a “floorplan”.

    Used Vehicle Inventory: Although some dealers prefer to limit the used vehicle floorplan, financing is available and a bank will typically require a minimum of 25% equity.

    Fixed Assets: Up to 50% financed and collateralized by the fixed assets.

    Real Property: Up to 80% financed and collateralized by the real property.

    Goodwill: Up to 50% financed. OEM’s may have requirements on the amount that can be financed.

    Working Capital: Partially financeable, depending on your overall financial strength. Working capital requirements will vary for each OEM.

    Prepare Your Proforma
    Once you have identified an acquisition opportunity, you should prepare a pro forma using realistic projections. Your pro forma will be essential in securing financing and will be required for OEM approval. It will help you to prepare an informed offer to purchase.

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