Dealership Sold

Lafferty Chevrolet

Warminster, Pennsylvania

Jack Lafferty sold Lafferty Chevrolet in Warminster, Pennsylvania to Jason Owens. This transaction was exclusively facilitated by Performance Brokerage Services.

Dear Performance Brokerage Services, thank you so much for finding me a qualified buyer so quickly. One of my major goals was to have a buyer that was going to continue what my family had built over the past 59 years. This was extremely important to me and the buyer is truly that person. From our first meeting to the sale of my dealership, everything went extremely well and all of us got along great!

The pricing structure for my dealership was right on target for me and Jason. Also, your fee was very fair. Maybe even more than fair due to the short time from start to finish. Our early meetings were good. You understood it was a big step for me and you were patient with me on my decision to go forward. I appreciated that. I also want to thank you for the recommendation of Les Chayo as attorney. The team at Performance Brokerage Services and Les were both very professional, excellent on communication, quick and very helpful. It was a real pleasure working with you.

Testimonial from Jason Owens:
This is my first dealership purchase utilizing a broker. I had concerns if this would make the deal too complex. But like anything else, if you do business with great people, the outcome is always great! The Performance Brokerage Services team was fantastic. Total and complete transparency. They answered their phones EVERY time I called, and worked extremely hard for seller AND buyer to make a fair and simple transaction. PBS was there every step of the way and personally saw the closing through until the last document was signed. Very impressed with the company and the team at Performance Brokerage Services. I made a deal and I made friends. Many more to follow. Call me personally for a reference.

Seller:Jack Lafferty
Buyer:Jason Owens

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