Dealership Sold

Cutrubus Audi VW & Cutrubus CDJR

Layton, Utah

Performance Brokerage Services is pleased to announce the sale of Cutrubus CDJR and Cutrubus Audi Volkswagen from Homer Cutrubus to Young Automotive Group. We thank both principals for the opportunity to be of service, and wish Spencer much success with his acquisition. This transaction was exclusively facilitated by John and Jonny Mecham, the Rocky Mountain Partners for Performance Brokerage Services.

Following the transaction, Spencer Young, Sr., Chairman of Young Automotive Group, commented, “We have worked with Performance Brokerage Services several times in growing our Automotive business. I have always found John Mecham and Jason Stopnitzky to be professional, communicative and exceptional to work with to research and help us acquire additional automotive dealerships. Thanks to them the Young Automotive Group has continued to grow, thrive and expand.”

Seller:Homer Cutrubus
Buyer:Young Auto Group

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