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Welcome - Mike Martinec

Welcome Mike Martinec, Partner, Commercial Truck & Equipment Divisions

Performance Brokerage Services is proud to welcome Mike Martinec, Partner to the Commercial Truck & Equipment Divisions, alongside Dan Argiro, Pat Albero, & Alex Argiro. Please welcome Mike Martinec, Partner for our Commercial Truck & Equipment Divisions.

As a CPA with an accounting degree from the University of Maryland, Mike started off with a short stint in both public and corporate accounting. Quickly realizing this was not for him, he pivoted into a strategy role with a large consulting company where he helped evaluate and integrate almost 20 acquisitions over 5 years, pushing them past the $1B market cap for the first time in company history. While doing this, he met his wife, Jenn, and together created a real estate investment and holding company Jenn still runs today.

Mike then joined a large heavy equipment distribution and service employee-owned company, where he served as the Chief Financial Officer for four years. He completely revamped the way the company evaluates, retains, and recruits employees. This new system led to record sales, profits, and most importantly, unprecedented employee engagement scores and retention. 

Most recently, Mike Martinec was the Chief Executive Officer of a high precision aerospace manufacturing company specializing in radar components and aerial refueling systems. After completing a successful sale in December of 2021, aside from catching up on his primary job of being a husband and father to two amazing children, he provided advisory services to startups and distressed companies. His primary areas of focus were strategy, budgeting, cash flow, and personnel management.

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