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David “Z” Zinsmeister

My wife and I met Jonny and John Mecham of Performance Brokerage Services for the first time over lunch during one of their visits to Denver. We instantly felt their sincere desire to achieve our family’s goals and had our best interest at heart. My dad, Big Z, was looking to retire and I aspired to spend my days with my young family. At one point during our lunch, John described loving the moment when a former dealer calls to tell him when they first experience ‘being where they are’ and being present in their life outside of work for the first time after selling their store. This resonated with me instantly. From there, Jonny took the reins navigating us through the finish line with an offer even better than we had hoped, while also developing what is to be a great friendship along the way. Asbury came ready with a team of fast and efficient representatives, and I was determined to take on the challenge of keeping up with them. Jonny and John never missed a beat and there never would have been an Asbury/Arapahoe Hyundai deal without them and Performance Brokerage Services.