Dealership Sold

Nees Harley-Davidson

Galesburg, Illinois
Nees Harley-Davidson sells to George Tragos with Performance Brokerage

Performance Brokerage Services, a new car and Harley-Davidson dealership broker is pleased to announce the sale of Nees Harley-Davidson in Galesburg, Illinois from Phil Nees and Mike Nees to George Tragos. Phil and Mike established Nees Harley-Davidson in 2006, and in 2007, relocated it to its current location at 131 South Soangetaha. Phil resides in Arizona where he owns and operates other businesses. Mike continued to run the dealership until the sale. Both individuals were seeking retirement from the Harley-Davidson business and contacted George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services to facilitate the sale of their dealership. Commenting on his experiences working with George, Phil shared, “After putting our dealership on the sellout list, we hired George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services. George educated us about the current market conditions and helped us establish a more realistic asking price. George is an expert at his craft and brought tremendous knowledge about our industry and the selling process. You must call George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services if you are considering buying or selling a dealership.”

Owning two other Harley-Davidson dealerships in Illinois and looking to expand, Nees Harley-Davidson made for a great strategic acquisition for George Tragos. George renamed the dealership “Iron Eagle Harley-Davidson” and expressed that he has big things planned for 2018. Following the purchase, George Tragos commented, “Over the years, I have looked at many Harley-Davidson dealerships that George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services had listed for sale. I had also heard of the work George had done for my dealer-friends. It was a pleasure finally working closely with George as he demonstrated expertise and professionalism throughout the transaction.”

George C. Chaconas, the exclusive agent for this transaction and the head of the National Harley-Davidson and Powersports Division for Performance Brokerage Services commented, “It brings me great pleasure to have assisted the Nees brothers with the sale of their Harley-Davidson dealership. George Tragos should be able to capitalize on the potential of the business and take it to the next level. I would like to thank all the principals for remaining gentleman throughout this process.”

Seller:Phil & Mike Nees
Buyer:George Tragos
Facilitated by:George C. ChaconasSenior Partner, CBI/M&AMI

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