Dealership Sold

Frontier Harley-Davidson

Lincoln, Nebraska
Frontier Harley-Davidson sells to Steve Hinchcliff with Performance Brokerage

Performance Brokerage Services, a new car and Harley-Davidson dealership broker is pleased to announce the sale of Frontier Harley-Davidson in Lincoln, Nebraska from David and Deborah Fischer to Steve Hinchcliff. Frontier Harley-Davidson was established in North Lincoln in 1987 by David Fischer with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

The buyer, Steve Hinchcliff, is no stranger to customer satisfaction, working at his family’s dealerships since the age of 14. Owning and operating H & H Automotive, which offers a variety of new car franchises under multiple rooftops through Nebraska and Iowa, Steve has built his business on establishing trust with his customers, adding that it isn’t easy to come by in the car business. In 1930, Auggie Hinchcliff established H & H Automotive, and the dealerships have been family owned ever since. Steve will continue to operate Frontier Harley-Davidson under its same name and at its same location at 205 Northwest 40th Street in Lincoln.

Applying Steve’s business model in the automotive space for Frontier Harley-Davidson, Steve hopes that by providing the customer with outstanding and fair treatment through the sales process, it will offer Frontier Harley-Davidson the chance to earn the customer’s service business, either for any problems they might experience or even just for regular tune-ups. Further, he hopes that with this continuous fair treatment in service, the customer will become a repeat customer when the time comes to purchase another bike. Following the purchase, Steve Hinchcliff shared, “As a buyer, I’ve never felt overly comfortable with brokers for various reasons. However, working with George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services was far from the ordinary experience. Even though I was the buyer and not paying George’s fee, he still was involved, concerned and helpful with our side of the deal, making sure the details were to our liking as well as offering both advice and industry connections when needed. I strongly recommend George, he is a good asset when putting a deal together.”

Following the sale, David Fischer shared, “We opened our Harley-Davidson dealership from scratch 31 years ago, so when we began considering retirement, we had no experience or reference points in either the buying or selling of such an operation. As we researched the field and spoke with other dealers and former dealers who had been through the process, it quickly became clear that George Chaconas from Performance Brokerage Services was the person we wanted assisting us. George’s energy, integrity, knowledge, professionalism, experience and industry contacts are unsurpassed. This skillset not only resulted in a timely, efficient and mutually agreeable outcome, it actually helped make the whole process enjoyable when such an important life event could have easily been otherwise, and for that, we remain extremely grateful. We highly recommend George Chaconas…There is just no one else better.”

George C. Chaconas, the exclusive agent for this transaction and the head of the National Harley-Davidson and Powersports Division for Performance Brokerage Services commented, “What a perfect fit for Steve Hinchcliff to acquire Frontier Harley-Davidson in his own backyard. It brings me tremendous pleasure to have assisted with this transaction and to allow Deb and Dave Fischer to enjoy their retirement.”

Seller:David & Deborah Fischer
Buyer:Steve HInchcliff
Facilitated by:George C. ChaconasSenior Partner, CBI/M&AMI

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