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The Year 2013 Records an 18% Growth in International Patents

Achieving Greater Growth

The automotive industry is at a record  high for the year of 2013. Recent reports state that auto dealers have enjoyed a tremendous  growth as the industry filed for approximately 18% more international patents than in the former year. The notion comes from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Statements by the WIPO give reason for the growth stating that owing to a regulatory push for bringing down carbon dioxide emissions, the raising the international patent filings have been high.(This sentence is so gravely incorrect grammatically that I cannot EVEN decipher what is meant to be said)

A Welcoming Move!

The move has been welcomed by the automobile industry and auto dealership brokers view it as an encouraging opportunity. The growth experienced can be traced back to the last three years when investments were made in research and developments for the car dealership broker and automobile industry. Auto manufacturers filed for about 3,606 patents in 2012 have been able to cross the set mark and make it up to 4,275in 2013. Applications for patents have experienced a jump of about 84%compared to 2010.

Ranking and Indications

For people interested in acquiring a dealership for sale, the auto maker that has been ranked the highest was Toyota Motor Corp. Following suit were Nissan Motor Co., Honda Motor Co., Audi WG, and Daimler AG. Although this does not speak to the innovativeness of each dealership broker company and a definitive ranking cannot be based on it,it does offer an indication as to which companies make use of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and enhances the understanding of companies in regard to the many jurisdictions involved for acquiring an international patent and filing an application for it.

Alternate Paths

Some companies have found an alternate way out. Without the assistance or use of the PCT, companies such as General Motors Co. choose to invest in foreign countries directly. Hence, General Motors Co. did not have any patents filed in 2013..

General Motors also points out another side of the story by stating that it received  1,672 applications for U.S. patents as per The Patent Board that works as a consultancy for application data and patent grants from the WIPO, the European Patent Office (EPO) and United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO).