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Young Park

My journey started 36 years ago, and throughout that journey, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some great individuals that have made a tremendous impact on my career, paving the way to much success. So, when the time came to start my new journey in creating my own generational prosperity and legacy, I started the search to find a strong and well-respected brokerage. The search ended when I was introduced to Matt Wilkins with Performance Brokerage Services. The moment we connected with Matt, he truly embodied all the things that were important to me, and he immediately started working to help identify opportunities. And along the way, he has not only advised and guided me to my first purchase but has taken the time to connect me with others to fulfill my goal of ownership. I can, with the utmost respect and confidence, not only recommend Matt, but also encourage all those that have shared the same goals of ownership to take the bold steps and move forward, knowing that choosing Matt will be the right decision and will give you the individual you want in your corner.