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Toby O’Brien

I have known George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services for many years and had finally made a decision to sell my Harley-Davidson dealership and hire George and his team. George was able to identify multiple buyers, but ultimately, we negotiated a buy-sell with the Verackas. Unfortunately, Harley-Davidson Motor Company decided to exercise their Right of First Refusal and assign the Asset Purchase Agreement to the three surrounding dealers and close the location. With a very heavy heart, it was not what I had intended for my legacy of 18 years as a dealer, my amazing staff, and loyal customers. I am hopeful that my employees will be able to get jobs at the surrounding dealerships and that my customers will get the exceptional customer service that they have grown accustomed to. Hot Metal Harley-Davidson has been a huge part of my life, and this was not an easy situation to go through. I appreciate George Chaconas and his Associate, Courtney Bernhard, for helping me navigate this very difficult, challenging, and emotional situation for myself and my family. I highly recommend George and his team when considering selling. I also want to extend a sincere thank you to my dedicated staff and customers who have become like family to me. Hot Metal Harley-Davidson will always hold a special place in my heart.