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Myke Shelby

If you own a Harley-Davidson dealership, you probably know George Chaconas. I’ve known George for a long time and nobody networks better! Knowing George is always a good thing if you want to hang out, get lunch or dinner, or if you have time for a good cigar. But knowing George is a great thing when you want to sell your business! When it became clear that the succession plan in place wasn’t going to happen, I decided to sell SDHD after 27 years, and George quickly went from friend to ally. George knows this industry and our brand inside & out. He knows everyone! The sellers and the buyers, and he knows how to make the chemistry work. We ‘kissed lots of frogs’, but the minute he introduced me to Rodin Younessi, George knew the deal was as good as done! My thanks to everyone involved: George, Rodin, everyone at Harley-Davidson for 27 great years, to the great staff at SDHD, and to my amazing wife Petrina! I’m looking forward to spending lots of time on my Harley and staying friendly with George Chaconas because you never know what opportunities can turn up and George is always on a roll!