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Michael Glasser

Jason Stopnitzky of Performance Brokerage Services is amazing. Early in the process he was generous enough to offer advice on what needed to be completed for the dealership to be sold. I worked on his suggestions and let him know I had the information ready after several months. He then asked me to send financials, reviewed them thoroughly, and came up with a selling price. One week later we were in escrow- it was so fast! He was generous with his time before we signed an agreement for him to represent us and then got a deal so quickly… but that’s just the beginning. Once we were under contract, he was amazing. There were so many phone calls from me with questions, and he always answered, texted, or called right back. Jason was always available- morning, evening, weekends, whenever. But that’s not the best part. During closing week, Jason was on site making sure all parties, 11 in total, completed all closing tasks. He’s an expert. He was well-prepared and made sure the endless amount of required closing documents were presented to the right people and signed. We got it done. But that’s still not the best part. Jason and I will be friends for life. He understood my unique situation of selling my baby that I created all on my own and has supported me in every way. Jason genuinely cared about helping me at all costs. I will never forget it and I am eternally grateful. Jason is a phenomenal agent and an even better person. Thank you to Jason and his team!