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Matt DePrimo

Where do you start when it comes time to sell your 102-year-old family business? The first step is to properly value what it’s worth and the second step is to decide whether to hire a broker or sell it on your own. After going through the process, I can now tell you that if you want to get the most money and have someone to guide you through this very complex process, then you want Gershon Rosenzweig and Matt Wilkins of Performance Brokerage Services on your team. After spending time exchanging a lot of paperwork and numbers, their valuation was spot on. Their reach and network of buyers were instrumental in finding the right buyer for our dealerships and market. They found a buyer quickly and at a much higher valuation than I would have secured on my own. Not a day went by that they didn’t answer my phone calls or texts promptly. There are many ebbs and flows during a buy-sell, and their guidance and advice throughout the whole process was invaluable. The value they added was worth far more than the brokerage fee.