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David Hayes

Jesse Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage assisted us with the sale of our 75-year-old family business. We painted a picture for Jesse of everything that was important to us to attain not just a sale, but a proper fit that suited us as sellers, and for our employees and our community. Jesse attentively facilitated all our questions and needs. Jesse did not just become a business partner, but he took this to heart and worked diligently to vet out potential suiters and find a company that most closely met our criteria. Jesse genuinely showed complete respect, determination, and care throughout the entire process. When Jesse did bring a player to the table, it was a company that was indeed a great match. In working with Jesse, it quickly became apparent that not only were we partnering with a genuine person, but a company that shares many of the same values and ethics that we do. If you want more than just a broker, but someone who is a true partner, then you have found just that in Jesse and Performance Brokerage. We highly recommend them both.