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Dan and Shirley Stern

When you make the decision to sell your dealership, you want a broker that is as focused on his job as you are on your business. You want a broker who will deliver the same quality that you have delivered to your customers. You want a broker that will work harder than you or any of your staff. That person is George Chaconas. The key to running a successful business is to listen to what your customer wants. George did exactly that. Filtered out the tire kickers, brought real candidates and always had my best interest at heart. George’s communication skills are above reproach. Selling is an intense time and you not only want to know that your broker is doing his job, but what is he doing and how is he doing it. Truthfully, I have no idea how one person can have as much energy, communicate as effectively, steadily and with clarity as George does. He didn’t call to shoot the breeze, he called with updates and a plan. George made the whole process seamless, understood my goals – not a fire sale – and delivered in record time. I could not be happier. Thanks George and Performance Brokerage Services!