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John Campbell

John Campbell


John has been a natural fit for PBS. Becoming a licensed dealer at only 19 years old, John has always been a car guy. His dealership experience in sales, marketing, wholesale, and export all contributed to him transacting over 8,000 vehicles. “Begin with the end in mind” and “Never get into a deal you can’t walk away from” are lessons John learned growing up in a family who owned over 30 businesses throughout the years. Most recently, John was Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Drivrz Financial and D2D Auctions, where John prioritized seeking the right fit when bringing together joint ventures and partnerships. This mindset, coupled with market insight and a solution focused approach, greatly benefit clients considering their next move.

Industry Expertise


Over 900 dealerships sold ranging from the publicly traded companies and national dealership groups, to regional dealers and single-rooftop dealerships.


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