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Strategic Buying from Performance Brokerage Services

Car dealers often say that “everything is for sale, for a price.” That statement is truer today than ever before. Furthermore, the meltdown of 2008 turned a lot of dealers into potential sellers. But strong buyers are in a relentless search for quality dealerships, buying them immediately once they become available, causing the principle of supply and demand to be in extreme play right now…stronger than ever before!

Rarely are quality dealerships “listed for sale” and taken to the open market. Those are usually owned by seasoned dealers or public companies who want to maintain the confidentiality and deniability to their key employees and the manufacturers, when rumors begin to inevitably leak out. Those dealers have and will continue to buy and sell dealerships, but they will not sign listings.

Typically, the first calls they make are to their lawyers and accountants, who then offer the dealerships to their other clients. In most cases, those opportunities get picked up and never make it to the open market.

We however, often get access to many of those opportunities because of our national network and personal relationships with their gate-keepers as well as all of the public companies.

We are a national company with 5 regional offices. The company’s principals have been brokering the buying and selling of new car dealerships for over 24 years and have consummated well over 500 transactions.

Tapping into our national and extensive network of hundreds of dealers, accountants and lawyers, as well as our relationships with most of the manufacturers, we can help you acquire quality dealerships.

We have developed a unique and effective approach that cracks doors open to begin a dialogue. This is especially true when we represent a sincere client, which allows us to make claims to sellers that the negotiations would be fair, quick, and confidential, avoiding the typical back and forth minutiae.

If you are that type of a buyer, we would love to have you as a client, solicit opportunities on your behalf and assist you with your growth plans.

Traditionally, this model/segment represented less than 50% of our brokerage business. I.e. pocket listings, one-party showings, connecting the dots, putting people we know in front of others we know, to make deals happen. However, during 2013 and 2014, almost 90% of our transactions involved dealers who became sellers only after we introduced them to qualified buyers. Those dealerships were not “for sale”. Even public companies have used our Strategic Buying services to target and acquire specific dealerships.

We can do the same for you. Once we engage, we will create an acquisition strategy for you, identify potential dealerships that fit your criterion and begin to chip away at them. Sometimes it takes weeks to get a dealer to say yes to a meeting or an offer, and hopefully you are in a position to wait for the right deal. You will then have the room to maneuver without having to compete against other buyers, and make your decision to proceed or pass. Don’t risk missing out on good opportunities.

We do not charge a retainer nor do we expect any reimbursement of cost. We are paid a success fee, and only after the deal gets done!

In working with us you will receive:
• Confidential consultation
• Market area evaluations
• Exploration of acquisition options
• Strategic regional or national searches
• Intermediary services once a potential seller is identified
• Transactional support until the closing
• Loyal, dedicated and unwavering representation
• Vigilant protection of confidentiality during the process, and after

To feel a bit more comfortable with us, the following link will direct you to the testimonial page of our website where you may read over 175 testimonials of what past and current dealer clients have experienced when working with us. Testimonials Page

To discuss a tailored strategic search on your behalf, please call us at 949.461.1372. You will not be disappointed!