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Goodwill Values Breaking Record Highs!

During our 24 years in business, we have never seen goodwill prices of dealerships as high as they are today! Not only have they been consistently rising during the last 24 months, they are continuing to break all-time records!

The marginal stores and the low hanging fruit have either shut down or been picked off. Strong buyers are in a relentless search for quality dealerships. The basic principle of supply and demand is in extreme play right now, stronger than ever before. We have been negotiating and closing transactions at price levels that surprise even us.

If you are at all contemplating selling your dealership in the near future, you could not have picked up a better time.

In the automotive industry, we have learned that everything is cyclical and we are certain that the latest trend will be as well. We have been advising our clients to give serious consideration to this unique environment and moment in time.

Please call us if only to get acquainted, for an assessment of the incredible market conditions in general or for a private discussion regarding a specific situation you may be currently experiencing or contemplating.

Working in the trenches daily, we have our finger steadily on the national market’s pulse. The automotive industry is a small community and one cannot have enough friends.

We have been providing intermediary services to buyers and sellers of new car dealerships for over 24 years, having successfully consummated well over 500 transactions.

With headquarters in southern California and regional offices in Utah, Texas, Florida and New Jersey, we can provide national exposure with local representation.

All discussions will be kept in the strictest of confidence. No exceptions!.

Call us today for a confidential and complimentary evaluation. 949.461.1372