Dealership Sold

Land Rover Reno

Reno, Nevada

Congratulations to the Findlay Automotive Group for their recent acquisition of Scott Motor Company’s Land Rover in Reno, Nevada. Scott Motor Company was the oldest dealership in the state of Nevada, family owned and operated since 1929.
With over 250,000 population for this single point Land Rover, we are confident that the Findlay Automotive Group will turn the acquisition into a huge success. The Findlay Automotive Group is Nevada’s largest dealership group with 28 rooftops, including dealerships in Arizona, Idaho and Utah. The Land Rover franchise will soon be relocated next to Findlay’s Audi dealership into a brand new “Gateway” facility to be dualed with Jaguar.

Best wishes to Mr. Ben Scott in semi-retirement and we thank him for the opportunity to be of service.

Seller:Scott Motor Company
Buyer:Findlay Auto Group

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