Dealership Sold

Findlay Chevrolet-Buick and Honda

Kingman, Arizona

We have just closed on two transactions in Kingman, Arizona. Side by side dealerships, Chevrolet-Buick and a Honda. Performance Brokerage Services was hired to represent Cliff Findlay, the Findlay Automotive Group and its partner, the Nolte family, in the sale of their dealerships.

The new owner is Jim Flynn. Jim has been in the industry for many years as a General Manager, and these two stores will be a new experience for him as an owner.

We of course wish Jim the best of luck in this new chapter of his life.

Jim had the following to say after meeting with him at the closing in Arizona:

“At 58 years of age, and the pending sale of a dealership I had been associated with for 29 years as the General Manager, (ironically, sold by Performance Brokerage Services) I was faced with a decision as to whether or not to seek employment elsewhere or jump into the deep end of the pool and buy my own.

A lifelong dream of owning my own store became a reality when I closed on the purchase of not one but two new vehicle franchise dealerships. I am now the proud owner of Kingman Chevrolet-Buick and Kingman Honda, located in Kingman, AZ.

I am convinced that this would not have been achieved without the assistance of Jason Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services. Jason guided me through the arduous process, working diligently with both manufacturers as well as providing direction and references to individuals that helped facilitate my applications. He never wavered in his commitment to make my dream come true. He was a settling influence, remained focused throughout and knew when to back off when faced with obstacles that ultimately arose during the negotiation and approval process.

On many occasions I was dissuaded by others from pursuing my dream, but Jason kept pushing and encouraging me to continue. I wholeheartedly recommend the entire Performance Brokerage Services team as they truly provided exceptional assistance in this purchase. They share the same passion for the automobile business as we in retail. Jason’s optimism was infectious and was the settling influence needed to eventually close the deals.”

Seller:Cliff Findlay and the Nolte family
Buyer:Jim Flynn

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