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Can I Become A Harley-Davidson Dealer?

To become a Harley-Davidson dealer, one must have a strong understanding of the the Harley-Davidson brand and the culture of the rider so that they are able to sell a certain philosophy, idea and lifestyle to the people. Becoming a Harley-Davidson dealer begins with having a personal love and passion for the Harley-Davidson bikes. The rest of the requirements are as follows:


Apart from the fact that you need to be committed to the brand and have a special love for it, there are specific eligibility requirements that a candidate must meet in order to be considered as a potential candidate. These requirements are set by the manufacturer and if the requirements are met, the company keeps your records within their database, and informs you when relevant opportunities present themselves. Here are the eligibility requirements in detail:

Relationship with Harley-Davidson:

There is no franchise fee charged by the company in order to operate a dealership. The dealers are individual business owners who run their businesses with some level of autonomy. There is of course a detailed contract with the company under which every dealer has to operate.

Dealership Application:

Everyone who wishes to become a Harley-Davidson dealer must fill out an application form that will include all the relevant details of the candidate such as their personal, financial and business qualifications. The candidate must also be dedicated and committed to the dealership on a full time basis.

Financial Requirements:

The financial requirements are a little stringent and factor a person’s ability to run an entire dealership on his or her own. The minimum net worth required by the company is $2 million and $1 million worth of liquid assets.

Becoming a Harley-Davidson auto dealership brokers can be an easy process as the most important aspect they will consider is your financial worth. Considering how Harley-Davidson is such a huge and popular brand in the United States, it will be able to reap any dealer a lot of profits and good financial sustainability in the long run. Since 1907, Harley-Davidson has received a large amount of success as an internationally recognized brand. With annual automobile dealership brokers conventions, consistent developments of new product lines and a loyal customer and fan base, Harley-Davidson should continue to see its fair share of success.