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Armand Pinard Sells Black Widow Harley-Davidson in Florida

After 11 years of ownership, Irene and Armand Pinard sell Black Widow Harley-Davidson in Port Charlotte, Florida to Bert King with the help of Harley-Davidson dealership broker, George C. Chaconas. Read the official press release.

Considering retirement in 2009, Armand and Irene Pinard had been in discussions with George C. Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services until the market collapsed and they took the dealership off the market. “George continued to guide me over the past six years since I couldn’t commit to retiring just yet. I loved being a Harley-Davidson dealer, it was in my blood. I had been riding for decades and owned Black Widow Harley-Davidson with my family for 11 years,” shared Armand Pinard. On multiple occasions, Armand considered throwing in the towel on the negotiations with the buyer, but he stated that “George was a pro at keeping me on task and focused on the end game – my retirement.” George, the representative for this transaction, commented, “It is always an emotional process to sell a family business, and I found it rewarding to help the Pinards move on to the next stage of their lives and enjoy their retirement.” Following the sale of his dealership, Armand shared his experiences in working with George, “With his persistence, industry knowledge and expertise at deal structuring, George found the perfect buyer for my store. I truly appreciate George’s guidance, understanding, and patience throughout the process. Look no further than George C. Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services when you are considering selling or buying a Harley-Davidson dealership.” Read the official press release.