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A new VW point in the Palm Springs area

After Mike Murphy was awarded an open point from Volkswagen for Cathedral City, we successfully facilitated a partnership between Mike Murphy and a long-time car dealer, Allen Holzhauer.

Mike Murphy currently owns several dealerships in Oakland, California including a VW store.

Allen Holzhauer has owned many dealerships over the years in Illinois, St. Louis, Arizona and California.

Allen will act as the operating/financial partner of the dealership.

The dealership has just opened in December in a temporary facility, operating out of the old Saturn location in the auto mall. The plans are to relocate to a brand new Volkswagen “White Frame” building by August 2013. The new facility will be built across the street and will be in-line with Volkswagen’s most recent facility requirements.

Best wishes for Mike and Allen to turn this open point into a huge success.