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We advise RV dealers on the purchase and sale of dealerships that offer motorized and towable recreational vehicles, such as Airstream, Grand Design, Jayco, Newmar, Thor, Tiffin, Coachmen, Forest River, Winnebago, Keystone, and much more. We manage the sale from beginning to end, to ensure a smooth, quick, confidential, and rewarding sale of your dealership.


The sale of your business is the last opportunity for the assets to generate income for you. We maximize the value by creating a competitive environment among multiple buyers:

  • It ensures that you receive fair market value for your assets and your life’s work.
  • A sense of urgency and fear of loss are introduced, which expedite the process.
  • Buyer’s contemplation is validated knowing that other buyers are looking.
  • It ensures timely performance, fair negotiations and prevents the buyer from re-trading the deal.


After 25 years, 700 transactions, and with a 90% closing rate, our reputation remains unmatched, and governed by the utmost ethical conduct, integrity and transparency. As the nation’s highest volume dealership brokerage firm, we remain a family-owned business, ensuring that every client gets the proper attention he or she deserves.

  • We charge a success fee only with no upfront fees, no retainers, and no reimbursement of costs.
  • Our engagement agreements are straight-forward, flexible, and with no fine print.
  • We do not hoard listings to build an inventory. We work hard to accomplish the goals of our clients and preserve their family legacies.
  • Vigilant protection of confidentiality during the process and after.
  • Loyal, dedicated and unwavering representation.
  • Regular updates on the activity flow.
  • Your accountant and attorney will be made part of the team early on.

We understand the decision to sell is complex, often emotional, and may even require a group consensus. To help you better prepare, we offer a complimentary opinion of value so that you may determine if now is the right time to explore an exit. Please call or e-mail to get acquainted and for more information. All communications will be held in strict confidence.


As experts in RV dealership buy-sell activity, we are an active RVDA Associate Member and often invited to speak about the buy-sell market and acquisition process.


Jesse Stopnitzky, Partner & Director of RV Division


“Jesse Stopnitzky and his team provided exceptional strategic advice and a laser targeted list of potential buyers from a variety of industries, not just limiting us to the RV industry. This approach allowed us to maximize our value and find the perfect partner to acquire our entire dealer group that was both an operational and cultural fit. Jesse’s approach was transparent, strategic, and met all the objectives of the owners, our Team Members, our Guests, Airstream, and Lithia. Commitments were made and commitments were kept. Integrity, high work ethic, transparent, driven, and honest are characteristics I would use in describing Jesse and his team.”
Ted Davis | Airstream Adventures

“I had the pleasure to work with Jesse Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services on our recent sale of Findlay RV. Jesse was extremely diligent and professional throughout the entire process. His knowledge of the RV business was a big factor in completing the transaction. I especially appreciated his honesty and straight-forward approach to the marketing and negotiation process. I highly recommend Jesse Stopnitzky and the team at Performance Brokerage Services.”
Tyler Corder | Findlay Automotive Group

“From our very first conversation, it was clear that Jesse Stopnitzky was not what I had expected in a broker. He was much more! He took the time to get to know me and my business in a very detailed and personal manner. I knew that my business was not a big deal for their firm, but I was always treated with the priority of a huge client. Jesse was involved in the deal from start to finish, and beyond. He was available 24/7 for any question or concern that I had. I could not have asked for a better partner on one of life’s biggest decisions. Anyone looking to sell owes it to themselves to talk to Jesse Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services before taking your business to market. I am so glad that I did!”
Aaron Johnston | Johnston RV Country

“We chose Performance Brokerage to assist us in selling our dealership. Jesse Stopnitzky and his team were great. They were professional and attentive to all we needed through the entire process. Thank you, Jesse, for helping to make this transition a reality.”
Mark Black | Stewart’s RV

“We knew we would be very picky about who we chose to lead and care for our team. We wanted someone who could bring resources, training, and experience that would help our strong, devoted team continue to thrive! Jesse Stopnitzky of Performance Brokerage Services helped us find the perfect match. There were a lot of events in the previous couple of years that led us to Jesse, and we are grateful God put that path in place for us. We couldn’t imagine going through this extensive and emotional process without him to help. Jesse and his team place value on finding the right buyer because they truly understand what it means to part with a business that your family built. Not only did he help walk us through the process, but he eased fears, gave advice, and stayed involved to help with anything he could the entire way. We highly recommend him and his team. Their experience was invaluable.”
Stephanie Pierce | Dave’s Claremore RV

“Jesse Stopnitzky of Performance Brokerage Services is the ultimate professional. He has a detailed knowledge of not only all the players in my market, but every market across the country. He always answered his phone no matter what time of day or where he was, which tells me a lot about the person I am dealing with. I would tell anybody, don’t waste your time with anybody else, Jesse is a 10 out of 10.”
Tim Baker | Muskegon RV

“Our experience with Jesse Stopnitzky of Performance Brokerage Services was great. He’s direct, to the point, and transparent.”
Denver Beck | Optimum Dealership Group

“Jesse Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage assisted us with the sale of our 75-year-old family business. We painted a picture for Jesse of everything that was important to us to attain not just a sale, but a proper fit that suited us as sellers, our employees, and our community. We relayed to Jesse the importance to align with a company that could most closely match the heritage of our values, ethics, and community involvement. Jesse attentively facilitated all our questions and needs. Jesse did not just become a business partner, but he took this to heart and worked diligently to vet out potential suiters and find a company that most closely met our criteria. Jesse genuinely showed complete respect, determination, and care throughout the entire process. When Jesse did bring a player to the table, it was a company that was indeed a great match. In working with Jesse, it quickly became apparent that not only were we partnering with a genuine person, but a company that shares many of the same values and ethics that we do. If you want more than just a broker, but someone who is a true partner, then you have found just that in Jesse and Performance Brokerage. We highly recommend them both.”
David Hayes & Andy Ellsworth | Hayes RV Center

“At Bish’s RV, we are looking for the right fit as we consider acquisitions. This includes a significant number of variables that can quickly become complicated. Jesse has been an excellent partner in helping us discover, simplify, and vet potential acquisitions. He understands our goals and what types of dealerships we are interested in. He can quickly adjust and help us find the right deal. Most recently, he was instrumental in our Longview, Texas acquisition. The deal transitioned smoothly for both us and our new acquisition. We appreciate his partnership and commitment to help us reach our business goals.”
Troy Jenkins, CEO | Bish’s RV

“Performance Brokerage Services, and working with Jesse Stopnitzky in particular, has been a seamless process. We felt that they helped facilitate this transaction in a professional manner, but also allowed us, as the buyer, to ensure that we got to know the seller on a personal level. By doing this, we were able to ensure the financial aspects of the transaction were handled while also understanding the intangibles.”
Jeff Hirsch, President | Campers Inn RV


“When I decided to sell and retire, it created a big dilemma for me. Who do I sell to? Who would be a good match for my dealership, my employees, and my customers? How do I contact them? And if I sell, I want the new owners to take care of my customers and employees the way I do. Jesse Stopnitzky at Performance Brokerage Services was an excellent choice. They found the perfect match for me with Campers Inn RV. By way of their reputation, both from customers and employees, Jeff Hirsch and Campers Inn RV have a similar business philosophy, making this a comfortable decision for me. Jesse & Jason Stopnitzky are very good at what they do. Jesse was instrumental in getting my dealership aligned with the best match for my employees and my customers. Their guidance through the entire process shows their strength and longevity in helping owners make the right choice in selling their dealerships. If you are considering selling an RV dealership, I recommend them very highly.”
Brad Scott, Seller | Scott Motor Coach Sales, New Jersey

“Jesse Stopnitzky of Performance Brokerage Services was professional and responsive throughout the transaction process. His experience and understanding of the industry shined, and we look forward to working with him again in the future.”
Chris Clarke | Traveland RV

“Are you thinking about selling your RV dealership? If so, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions like we did. You have to consider what is best for you and your family, your employees, and your community. After interviewing a few brokers, based on our discussions and our concerns, we really felt there was only one choice for us. That choice was Jesse Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services, who have sold over 700 dealerships across the country and are also family-owned. It was refreshing to find a broker that really listened and understood our concerns and what we were trying to accomplish. Jesse was very helpful in designing a plan that fit all of our needs for our family, employees and community. He found likeminded people that had the same care that we had, another family value based group in Bish’s RV. Jesse truly demonstrated honesty and integrity throughout every step of the process and hit all the marks in matching us with the right buyer. He helped make our transition as seamless as possible. I highly recommend Jesse Stopnitzky and his family at Performance Brokerage Services to anyone considering selling their RV dealership.”
Dave Haylett, Seller | Haylett Auto & RV Supercenter, Michigan

“Jesse Stopnitzky and the crew at Performance Brokerage Services were outstanding to work with on the purchase of my new location in Orange, Texas. I found them to be prompt, forthright, and an all-around pleasure to work with. I certainly would not hesitate to do business with them again in the future. They made the entire process as painless as possible.”
Jarrod McGhee, Founder & CEO | Fun Town RV

“When I first made the call to Jesse Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services, I was unsure of the process. As I began to see Jesse operate and experienced his quality of service, I became much more relaxed, which I appreciated so much. I had no idea the problems that would crop up, and Jesse did all he could do to help resolve them. I could not have done this by myself. His service was excellent and he was invaluable to me. If you are considering selling a dealership, I highly recommend the team at Performance Brokerage Services.”
Ronnie Hoelzer, President | Lloyd’s RV Center, Texas

“Our experience working with Jesse Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services was exceptional. They were professional, responsive, and helpful in the acquisition. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Curt Curtis, President | RV Country

“Jesse Stopnitzky and his team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. We had a lot of questions, uncertainty, anxiety, and stress, all of which Jesse helped us work through and helped us keep our sanity. Selling a 42-year-old family business is a tough decision, which Performance Brokerage understands. They explained the process and worked with us through every step. Had it not been for the professionalism, empathy, knowledge and experience of Jesse and his team, we would have never been successful in selling the business. They worked hard to understand our business history and what we wanted in a buyer, then found the perfect fit for us.”
Terry Sinkler, Seller | U-Neek RV, Washington

“Finding Jesse Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Service was the key to selling my RV dealership. Jesse was vested in a positive outcome from the start and never took his eye off the ball! His expertise brought me a deal within weeks and closed 90 days later. The time he took to get to know my family and me was an added bonus. Jesse’s integrity, perseverance and sense of humor sets him aside from the rest. I highly recommend Jesse and the Performance team to anyone considering selling or buying in the RV market.”
Bill Clark, Seller | The Great Outdoors RV, New York



  1. Befriend your client.
  2. Lead your client with your expertise.
  3. Put your client’s interests ahead of your own.
  4. Under all circumstances, do the right thing.
  5. Commission will follow.



All communications will be held in strict confidence.

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