Comments from Harley-Davidson & Powersports dealers.


It is refreshing to work with someone who is responsive to a client’s needs 24/7. I highly recommend George Chaconas as an industry expert.

Mark Tkach, CEO

A huge thank you to George Chaconas for guiding us through our first Harley-Davidson dealership purchase. George was always available and took the time necessary for us to get comfortable with our purchase. George’s experience, contacts and overall helpfulness was reassuring when it came time to finalize the purchase.

– Rich Gargano, Buyer

House of Thunder Harley-Davidson, California

George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services reached out to me about an opportunity he had recently engaged for sale to consider as a strategic acquisition. Ironically, I tried to buy the dealership several years ago to no avail. I was very excited to have the opportunity to purchase it again. George was very proficient, diligent and responsive throughout the process. George furnished us all the requested information in timely manner and helped us to a fast track closing in less than 90 days from start to finish. We are very excited and happy with the new dealership and look forward to working with George and Performance Brokerage Services in the future. I would highly recommend George to any Harley-Davidson or car dealers looking to buy or sell a dealership.

– Virgil Schulenburg, President

Harley-Davidson Dealerships, Wisconsin/Iowa

George Chaconas contacted me about a few Harley-Davidson dealerships he had engaged for sale. George and I met at a recent Harley-Davidson conference, and George took me to lunch. I felt very comfortable speaking with him and was impressed with his knowledge and expertise in the Harley-Davidson space. Soon after we met, I decided to engage George to sell my dealership. George put together a thorough valuation and within weeks, had identified the perfect strategic and unique buyer for my dealership. Throughout the process, George was extremely helpful with his experience in pricing the dealership and entering into negotiations with the buyer which shortly thereafter led to a Letter of Intent, an Asset Purchase Agreement and a very fast closing. From start to finish, George helped make selling my dealership a seamless process, negotiated expertly on my behalf and I am very pleased with the personal service and diligence. I would highly recommend George Chaconas if you are thinking about buying or selling a Harley-Davidson dealership.

– Josh Doughty, Seller

Badger Harley-Davidson in Madison, Wisconsin

George Chaconas contacted us and inquired if we were interested in selling Harley-Davidson San Jose as he had a qualified buyer. We told George we were not looking to sell, but we did name a price that would cause us to consider the idea. George went to work and actually brought us several qualified buyers, one that met our asking price and closed on the transaction. Simply put, George delivered and without George we would not have sold Harley-Davidson San Jose.

– Wayne Harter & Dave Dunlap, Sellers

Harley-Davidson San Jose, California

Searching for a dealership to acquire, we reached out to George Chaconas because we knew he was familiar with the Harley-Davidson industry. He immediately shared with us a very interesting and important acquisition opportunity in California. George acted as a buyer’s agent and represented us in this transaction.

– DJ Stringer

Doc Holiday Harley-Davidson, Colorado

After 45 years as a Harley-Davidson dealer, it was finally time to retire. George Chaconas from Performance Brokerage Services met with us at our dealership and we worked well together. George didn’t have the easiest job, and although we got into arguments, he understood me and tolerated me well. This was a long and complicated process, but George worked hard and was incredibly patient. None of this could be possible without his guidance and expertise. Thank you, George, for becoming a friend and allowing us to retire and enjoy my time with my family.

– Jim Melton, Seller

Sandhills Harley-Davidson, North Carolina

George Chaconas from Performance Brokerage helped sell my family’s Harley-Davidson dealership in Pennsylvania. I was thrilled when he shared with me a dealership in my backyard. George has always demonstrated great integrity, honesty and professionalism and is a tremendous pleasure to do business with.

– Robbie Cox, President

Cox’s Harley-Davidson Group, Carolinas

I received a call from George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services about a Harley-Davidson dealership for sale in my area. As a Harley rider/enthusiast, I got excited about the opportunity to own Guidera’s Harley-Davidson. George was very instrumental in helping negotiate and purchase the dealership from a long-time family owned dealer. It was a very emotional transaction, but George was very professional, thorough and was available days, nights and weekends to make the transaction happen. I encourage anyone in the market looking to buy or sell a Harley-Davidson dealership to give George and Performance Brokerage Services a call.

– Rami Yanni, Buyer

Guidera’s Harley-Davidson, California

Just wanted to thank you both for all the help in getting our purchase in Tifton done. Jennifer, great job assisting George and myself. George, phenomenal job staying on this until and through closing. Your relentless pursuit of closing the deal in a professional manner was greatly appreciated and noticed. Would recommend you to anyone wanting to buy or sell their dealership.

– Eric Sternberg, Buyer

Tifton Harley-Davidson, Georgia

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