Comments from Harley-Davidson & Powersports dealers.


It is refreshing to work with someone who is responsive to a client’s needs 24/7. I highly recommend George Chaconas as an industry expert.

Mark Tkach, CEO

I want to thank George Chaconas from Performance Brokerage Services for introducing us to the iconic and historic Dudley Perkins Harley-Davidson of San Francisco. This was the perfect strategic fit for me and my partner, Cliff Chester. Each dealership we own together was purchased with George's assistance. Thank you for helping to make our dreams become reality.

– Rich Gargano, Buyer

Dudley Perkins Harley-Davidson of San Francisco, California

We would not have sold the dealership without George and Juan’s help. Their knowledge of the nuances of selling Harley-Davidson dealerships was key to completing the sale. They identified the buyers and helped us complete the sale using attorneys and appraisers they had worked with many times. Their understanding of deal dynamics helped resolve various issues throughout the process. Thank you!

– Tom McCreery

Seller of Salem H-D, Oregon

After receiving many announcements of Harley-Davidson dealerships that George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services had sold over the years, I reached out to him to help my daughter and son-in-law sell Waterkotte Harley-Davidson. It was a very complicated and difficult transaction and I want to thank George for his perseverance, professionalism and commitment to seeing the deal through to closing. I would highly recommend George Chaconas if you're considering selling your dealership!

– Gary Surdyke

Selling your lifestyle is difficult, finding a right buyer even more so. George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services stayed on it until we achieved both goals. I hired George over the competition because he has sold more Harley-Davidson dealerships than anyone else, and I told him so several times. Many thanks.

– Jeff Murray, Seller

Durango Harley-Davidson, Colorado

I have worked in the Harley-Davidson dealer network for fifteen years as a dealership employee and had always dreamed of one day owning my own dealership. George's commitment, dedication and persistence with both the seller and me is what made the deal happen. It was less than six months from signing the LOI to closing on both the dealership and real estate. George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services fulfilled our family's dream of becoming a Harley-Davidson dealer and for that, we are forever grateful.

– Trevor Bird, Buyer

Durango Harley-Davidson, Colorado

Since buying my current Harley-Davidson dealership through George Chaconas, he had kept in touch with me. I reached out to George to see if he could help me purchase the contiguous Harley-Davidson dealership in order to grow my business. With his help and tenacity, including his relationships in the industry, he was able to help me acquire my second Harley-Davidson dealership. I am forever grateful and thank George Chaconas for his help. If you are considering buying or selling your Harley-Davidson dealership, I would highly recommend George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services.

– Rich Gargano, Buyer

West Coast Harley-Davidson, California

Having bought other Harley-Davidson dealerships in the past with George's help, we developed a very honest and trusting relationship that was instrumental in my recent purchase of Los Angeles Harley-Davidson of Anaheim. He's my go-to guy if I am buying or selling a Harley-Davidson dealership. He's a true professional and an industry expert! I would highly recommend George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services!

– Rodin Younessi, President

Multi-State Dealership Group

Having known of George Chaconas as the Harley-Davidson go to guy to sell stores, I met with him on two different occasions to consider my options and selling. He provided a complimentary evaluation of my business too. I finally made the difficult decision to sell and hired George. He immediately identified the perfect buyer and eventually we came to a meeting of the minds on a deal. I am very happy and pleased with his personal service and commitment. I would highly recommend George and Performance Brokerage Services.

– Steve Ramsey, Seller

Chesapeake Harley-Davidson in Darlington, Maryland

Mark Moses, our operating partner, referred me to George Chaconas about selling our Indian dealership in Charlotte, NC.  George did a phenomenal job and identified the perfect unique buyer. He was very professional and exceeded our expectations. If you are considering selling your dealership I would highly recommend George and Performance Brokerage Services!

– Steve Heese, Seller

Indian Motorcycle Charlotte, NC

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