Comments from Harley-Davidson & Powersports dealers.


The Performance Brokerage Services team has developed an excellent network of business contacts and service providers including attorneys, appraisers, and accountants. Four Corners Harley-Davidson and Four Corners Powersports was the second dealership George Chaconas sold for me. George and his Associate, Courtney Bernhard, did an excellent job. They identified four highly interested and qualified buyers. While two letters of intent were submitted, we ultimately negotiated with the buyer that submitted the best offer. All transactions have problems, but when we encountered them, George and his team used their business network, expertise, and experience to help us resolve them. We greatly appreciate their help and are looking forward to retirement.

Tom McCreery, Seller
Four Corners Harley-Davidson, New Mexico

George Chaconas came highly recommended from other Harley-Davidson dealer friends that had successful results with Performance Brokerage Services. I had been negotiating with a local Harley-Davidson dealer that wanted to buy my store for years. When I hired George, he immediately negotiated a fair offer and helped guide me throughout the process from start to finish. He kept me informed, engaged and levelheaded. It was very difficult and emotional for me to retire as this is all I have done since I was a teenager. I want to thank George very much as this would not have happened the way it did without him. I would definitely recommend and refer George and PBS to my dealer friends who are considering selling and retiring too!

– Robert Wiebler

Wiebler's Quad Cities Harley-Davidson, Iowa

After much soul searching and contemplation about selling my family’s Harley-Davidson dealership of over 70 years, I reached out to Buy-Sell industry expert George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services. Based on current Buy-Sell market conditions, we were unable to find a qualified buyer. Thus, after lengthy negotiations, we were able to reach a retirement incentive buyout with Harley-Davidson Motor Company. I sincerely appreciate George’s hard work, dedication and constant communication throughout the process so I could move forward with retirement in Florida. If you are a long-time dealer and considering selling or doing a retirement buyout with Harley-Davidson, I would highly recommend George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services.

– Bob Tramontin, Seller

Tramontin H-D, New Jersey

Over the years, I have looked at many Harley-Davidson dealerships that George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services had listed for sale. I had also heard of the work George had done for my dealer-friends. It was a pleasure finally working closely with George as he demonstrated expertise and professionalism throughout the transaction.

– George Tragos

Harley-Davidson Group, Illinois

After putting our dealership on the sellout list, we hired George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services. George educated us about the current market conditions and helped us establish a more realistic asking price. George is an expert at his craft and brought tremendous knowledge about our industry and the selling process. You must call George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services if you are considering buying or selling a dealership.

– Phil Nees

Nees Harley-Davidson, Illinois

After buying our first Harley-Davidson store from George Chaconas, he continued to stay in touch with us and introduced us to our second purchase. We really appreciate George’s professionalism and his follow up. We want to thank him and Performance Brokerage Services very much for helping our family’s dreams come true!

– Pete Eisenhauer, Buyer

Chesapeake Harley-Davidson in Darlington, Maryland

If you own a Harley-Davidson dealership, you probably know George Chaconas. I’ve known George for a long time and nobody networks better! Knowing George is always a good thing if you want to hang out, get lunch or dinner, or if you have time for a good cigar. But knowing George is a great thing when you want to sell your business! When it became clear that the succession plan in place wasn’t going to happen, I decided to sell SDHD after 27 years, and George quickly went from friend to ally. George knows this industry and our brand inside & out. He knows everyone! The sellers and the buyers, and he knows how to make the chemistry work. We ‘kissed lots of frogs’, but the minute he introduced me to Rodin Younessi, George knew the deal was as good as done! My thanks to everyone involved: George, Rodin, everyone at Harley-Davidson for 27 great years, to the great staff at SDHD, and to my amazing wife Petrina! I’m looking forward to spending lots of time on my Harley and staying friendly with George Chaconas because you never know what opportunities can turn up and George is always on a roll!

– Mike Shelby, Seller

San Diego Harley-Davidson, California

Looking to expand my platform in Southern California, Harley-Davidson expert-broker and friend, George Chaconas, introduced me to San Diego Harley-Davidson. I am very excited to continue the legacy that NY Myke has built for over 27 years! George and I have worked together for over 17 years on many acquisitions and I look forward to many more as we continue to grow together. If you are in the market to buy or sell a Harley-Davidson dealership, I would call George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services!

– Rodin Younessi

Multi-State H-D Dealership Group

Since Steve and I acquired Frontier Harley-Davidson in Lincoln, Nebraska from George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services, we had always envisioned buying another dealership. We reached out to George and hired him to help us identify dealerships for sale. After looking at several stores, we decided to target Denney’s Harley-Davidson as it was a great opportunity! George and Juan were instrumental in guiding us in the negotiations and eventual purchase. With their industry experience, expertise and professionalism, the transaction went smoothly. If you are in the market to acquire a Harley-Davidson dealership, I would highly recommend George and Performance Brokerage Services!

– Jeff Hinchcliff, Buyer

Renegade Harley-Davidson, Missouri

George Chaconas and Juan Pardo of Performance Brokerage Services reached out to me several years ago about selling as they had several buyers that wanted to buy our family’s Harley-Davidson business. They stayed in touch, and as we got older, and with the pandemic and the changes at the Motor Company, we finally decided to sell and retire. The ultimate buyer they brought to us was great! We want to thank George and Juan, and highly recommend them when you are ready to sellout and retire!

– Mark Denney, Seller

Denney's Harley-Davidson, Missouri

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