Comments from Harley-Davidson & Powersports dealers.


The Performance Brokerage Services team has developed an excellent network of business contacts and service providers including attorneys, appraisers, and accountants. Four Corners Harley-Davidson and Four Corners Powersports was the second dealership George Chaconas sold for me. George and his Associate, Courtney Bernhard, did an excellent job. They identified four highly interested and qualified buyers. While two letters of intent were submitted, we ultimately negotiated with the buyer that submitted the best offer. All transactions have problems, but when we encountered them, George and his team used their business network, expertise, and experience to help us resolve them. We greatly appreciate their help and are looking forward to retirement.

Tom McCreery, Seller
Four Corners Harley-Davidson, New Mexico

I have had the pleasure of working with George Chaconas in my most recent purchase of my 5th Harley-Davidson store. George is thorough and patient. He listened to our needs in securing a new business venture and worked tirelessly to take us smoothly from start to finish. He conducted himself as a partner in the deal and I feel he had a focus on the best interest of my company. I look forward to the possibility of continuing to work with him in the future.

– Scott Fischer, President

Harley-Davidson Dealership Group, Multi-States

George, it was a pleasure working with you. Your persistence, attention to detail, and professionalism all contributed to our deal consummating in a timely and controlled manner. It is refreshing to work with someone who is responsive to a client’s needs 24/7. I look forward to working with you and your team in the future. If you are in the market to buy or sell a Harley-Davidson or PowerSports dealership, I highly recommend George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services.

– Mark Tkach, CEO

After receiving numerous solicitations and tombstone announcements from George Chaconas, I finally decided to give him a call. George flew out to Vermont to meet with me and my team so that we could discuss the buy/sell market conditions. We expressed to George that we would be interested in a lifestyle store in the Southwest. George found for us exactly what we had been looking for when he brought to us Santa Fe Harley-Davidson. If you are looking to buy or sell a Harley-Davidson dealership, I highly recommend George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services.

– David Pearson, President

Multi-States, Harley-Davidson Dealership Group

I had owned Heritage Cycles Harley-Davidson for 17 years and although the dealership was not on the market and I was not ready to retire, George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services introduced me to a buyer who was extremely qualified and a perfect strategic fit. George brought me an offer from the buyer that I couldn’t refuse and after meeting and spending time with the buyer, I knew that he had the background, experience and ability to take Heritage Cycles to the next level. Selling a family business can be an emotional process, especially when it has been in the family for 34 years. George made the sale of Heritage Cycles Harley-Davidson a very smooth transaction, and I am confident that the buyer will continue the legacy my brother began in 1980 and I continued for the past 17 years.

– Dianne Biancanello, Seller

Heritage Harley-Davidson of Fort Walton Beach, Florida

George Chaconas contacted me about buying another Harley-Davidson dealership in my area. As soon as he mentioned Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, I was very interested and excited to acquire it. I love the brand and the Charlotte market area. As a long-time car guy and a long-time partner with Billy Weaver of Harley-Davidson of Greenville, SC before buying him out, I really wanted to buy another Harley-Davidson dealership. George made the purchase really simple even though it was a very emotional sale for the Lipack family. I really enjoyed working with George and look forward to buying another store with him. If you are considering acquiring a Harley-Davidson dealership, I would contact George Chaconas & PBS!

– Tim Brown, President

Multi Auto & Harley-Davidson Dealership Group

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