Over 200 comments and experiences about working with us.


“ They are not looking for a sale like a broker. They are looking for a customer they can help. ”

Jeffrey Cappo, President

Victory Auto Group, Wards Auto Top-50 Dealer

“It was a pleasure to work with George Chaconas in acquiring Hood Chevrolet. He was very diligent, honest and professional. If it wasn’t for his help and tenacity, this deal would not have happened. I would definitely recommend George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services. Thank you very much.”

Raymond Brandt, President

Ray Brandt Automotive Group

“I got to know George Chaconas of PBS from other car guys and since then, we have developed a great relationship. When George told me about the Kia store in my backyard that he had been engaged to sell, I moved quickly to acquire it. It was a perfect strategic acquisition and it also allowed me to diversify my portfolio. George was very helpful and excellent to work with. He continually kept my team updated throughout the process towards a very smooth closing. I would highly recommend George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services!”

Myers Automotive Group


“It was a pleasure working with George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services on the sale of McCrary Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen and Volvo. I met with George a few years ago and told him my magic number that I would sell for. George identified the perfect buyer and we negotiated a deal I felt very comfortable about. I was most satisfied with their professional and experienced help and would recommend them.”

Dean McCrary, Seller

Dean McCrary Imports, Alabama

“John Mecham and the team at Performance Brokerage Services go above and beyond the expected role of a dealership broker. They work hard to ensure that their transactions go as smoothly as possible. John does an excellent job of providing insight into each deal. My group has successfully completed six transactions with their assistance, on both the buying and selling sides, and have found them to be honest and with complete integrity in all situations, and their market knowledge is invaluable. I consider John and the team at Performance Brokerage to be reliable and result driven, I also consider them to be good friends.”

Josh Griffin, President

Multi-Dealer, Wyoming

“Moshe has an organic way of matching the right buyer with a seller based on the interest of the parties rather than a blind auction approach – I think Performance Brokerage Services' approach led to a higher price for their client because Moshe identified the strategic buyer willing to pay a high market valuation. Our transaction went smooth and we enjoyed working with the seller because Moshe facilitated an environment of collaboration from the start of diligence to closing.”

Jeff Swickard, President

BMW of Eugene, Oregon

“I really appreciate Paul Kechnie and Performance Brokerage Services. We called several brokers and asked them to look for some stores for us, and most of them didn’t call us back. So we really appreciate the fact that Paul called us back, stayed with it, and found us a great store. We have now closed on it and we are very happy.”

Kent Brown, Partner

Brown Automotive Group, Texas

“Jesse Stopnitzky with Performance Brokerage Services was not only an absolute gem to work with, but also an integral part of our buy/sell at El Cajon Mitsubishi. Since the beginning of this lengthy process, his ability to find the right buyer at the get-go with his international network and also his calm and capable mannerism kept all parties on course despite all of the challenges that are pretty normal for a transaction of this magnitude. It wasn’t just this that set Performance Brokerage apart from the rest, but also their reasonable and fair agency fee structure, which was the brownie on top. It was a pleasure to have Performance Brokerage represent my company as a seller's broker and I would recommend them without any reservation.”

Frank Farsoudi, Seller

El Cajon Mitsubishi, California

“Thank you for the excellent service you provided us in selling our Subaru dealership. It was very apparent that you and your team have the experience and the perseverance necessary to successfully market and sell auto dealerships. When challenges arose in our sales process, your experience paid off and allowed us to reach a successful conclusion for all parties involved. It was indeed a win-win transaction, for both the seller and the buyer. Thanks for all your help.”

Mike Scarff, Seller

Mike Scarff Subaru, Washington

“I have been friends with Jason Stopnitzky for almost 20 years. Jason and his team at Performance Brokerage Services have been absolutely amazing through this entire buy-sell. Without Jason’s persistence, hard work and dedication, this deal would not have gone down as smoothly as it did. I would firmly recommend Jason and his team at Performance to anyone considering buying or selling. Thanks again for everything and I truly appreciate your friendship and business relationship.”

Tim Moran, Partner

Gosch Auto Group, California

“For years, I have known of George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services as the highest volume automotive dealership brokerage firm in the country. George introduced me to a great opportunity in Leckner Nissan of Ellicott City, Maryland that he was hired to sell by a receivership. It was an unusual buy-sell through the court, though George was very professional and diligent in helping us acquire the dealership. I look forward to working with him in the future and I would highly recommend George & PBS when considering buying or selling!”