Performance Brokerage Services are a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of the auto industry and deal structure is impressive. Anytime we have a broker that adds value and is focused on the finish line, they are an asset to our team. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Mark DeBoer
Lithia Motors, Inc. VP Corporate Development

I met Paul Kechnie a few years ago when he was traveling through Minneapolis. When I came to the decision to sell my dealership, I felt Paul’s experience as a former New Car Dealer and as a dealership broker would be a benefit in finding me the right buyer for Main Motors. Paul was able to connect me with a few buyers that were qualified; ultimately, I felt the Mauer family were the perfect fit. I found Paul to be knowledgeable, professional and ethical. In my opinion, the best combination to handle your life’s work. Thank you for all you do, Paul.

– Karen Carlson, Seller

Main Motor Chevrolet, Minnesota

Dear David, thank you so much for finding me a qualified buyer so quickly. One of my major goals was to have a buyer that was going to continue what my family had built over the past 59 years. This was extremely important to me and the buyer is truly that person. From our first meeting to the sale of my dealership, everything went extremely well and all of us got along great! The pricing structure for my dealership was right on target for me and Jason. Also, your fee was very fair. Maybe even more than fair due to the short time from start to finish. Our early meetings were good. You understood it was a big step for me and you were patient with me on my decision to go forward. I appreciated that. I also want to thank you for the recommendation of Les Chayo as attorney. You and Les were both very professional, excellent on communication, quick and very helpful. It was a real pleasure working with you.

– Jack Lafferty, Seller

Lafferty Chevrolet, Pennsylvania

Before my father’s passing, he worked with George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage on prior buy-sells, so it was a no-brainer to continue that personal relationship. Knowing that I wanted to continue to grow and enter the Tennessee market, George introduced me to Tim Duff, the Dealer Principal of Earl Duff Subaru just outside of Knoxville. The dealership is a brand-new, image-compliant facility, and had been in the family for years. George was very involved throughout the entire transaction, and I thank him and his team for an excellent outcome with many more to come!

– Brett Sutherlin, CEO

Sutherlin Automotive Group

I want to thank Performance Brokerage Services for all the hard work they put forth in the completion of our buy/sell with Duell’s Evansville Kia. Specifically, the efforts by Paul Kechnie and Mark Shackelford made the process smooth, transparent, and led to the successful transition between companies. As you know, there are many hurdles to overcome during a buy/sell. Manufacturer applications, asset purchase agreements, property inspections, as well as daily communication between parties are all intricate parts of a successful change of ownership. Paul and Mark provided regular updates, necessary access, and completed requests in a manner that kept the transaction private from frontline dealership employees. Handling sensitive information is vital in a buy/sell, and they did it successfully. Lou Fusz is poised for future growth, and we look forward to working together with Performance Brokerage Services on future transactions.”

– Randy Fusz, CEO & President

Lou Fusz Automotive Network

When you’ve been in the automotive business since 1965, and it’s your first time selling a dealership, you absolutely need to align with a broker that understands the family business and can give you the confidence and advice to get you and your team across the finish line. Jason Stopnitzky did exactly that. He found the right buyer that aligned with our core values, understands our marketplace, and would help continue the leadership and community involvement to take the stores to the next level. From Moshe Stopnitzky, President of the Performance family business, to Jonathan Forgy, CPA, and under the guidance of Jason, they all worked with our team to ensure a successful close on our Toyota and Subaru stores. Having been in the industry for over 48 years, and exclusively with our family business, you will not find anyone that will work harder and smarter than Performance to accommodate the needs of the buyer and seller.

– Gary Fenelli, Seller

Frank Toyota & Frank Subaru, California

Performance Brokerage Services did an absolutely amazing job with the sale of our Toyota and Subaru stores. Jason Stopnitzky and his family, along with Jonathan Forgy, were incredibly professional, always available, and kept in constant communication with us day or night. We feel very fortunate to have had such a strong brokerage team to work with. If you are looking to buy or sell a store, you need to contact Performance first. They will treat you like family!

– Ron Fornaca, Seller

Frank Toyota & Frank Subaru, California

Jason Stopnitzky of Performance Brokerage Services is not only the best broker I have ever done business with, but also one of the best human beings I have ever met. He is genuine, honest, and hard working. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him through my acquisition of Win Chevrolet. He made every step of the transaction as easy as humanly possible. If there was a way to give him more than five stars I would, as he honestly deserves millions.

– Bob Nouri, Buyer

Win Chevrolet, California

After closing on the sale of our Win Chevrolet and Win Hyundai stores, I can’t say enough about the added value that Jason Stopnitzky of Performance Brokerage Services brought to the table. From finding the perfect buyer, to his ability to shepherd the very complicated deal to a closing. In an age where truth, honesty, and integrity are often bent, Jason has demonstrated that character is not lost. It’s not often that people do exactly what they say. Bob Nouri is also absolutely a man of his word, and his organization was a delight to work with. With deep gratitude, I thank you both, and I pray that you have incredible success in the future.

– Jerry Heuer, Seller

Win Hyundai & Win Chevrolet, California

I would like to thank Rob Armstrong and the Performance Brokerage Services team for their outstanding work on our entry into the US market. Rob quickly identified the ideal stores for Go Auto to make our first US acquisition and was a superb communicator throughout the deal. I found Rob to be the most honest and capable broker we have ever worked with, hands down! We look forward to doing more business with Performance Brokerage Services.

– Jared Priestner, Principal

Go Auto, Canada

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