Over 200 comments and experiences about working with us.


“ They are not looking for a sale like a broker. They are looking for a customer they can help. ”

Jeffrey Cappo, President

Victory Auto Group, Wards Auto Top-50 Dealer

“It was a real pleasure working with Paul Kechnie of during our recent purchase. I found him to be the utmost professional throughout the entire process. I look forward to working with him and Performance Brokerage Services again!”

Chris Elliott, President

Elliott Auto Group, Texas

“I met Paul a few years ago through a fellow dealer. Paul stayed in touch and called me when he listed the dealerships in Sullivan. I found Paul to be knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. He returned calls and emails in a prompt manner. I would definitely recommend Paul and Performance Brokerage Services.”

Chuck Piano, President

Sullivan Automotive Group, Indiana

““I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services as a dealership buyer and as a dealership seller. Jason surpassed our expectations every time. Jason is hardworking, professional, straight forward and totally trustworthy. Thanks for getting our deals done!””

Sean Crowley, President

Crowley Car Company, California

“The Jay Hatfield Auto Group would like to compliment Paul Kechnie from Performance Brokerage Services for assistance in the purchase of Ranz Motors in Chanute, Kansas. The process was very transparent and made easy for both the seller and buyer.”

Jay Hatfield, President

Hatfield Auto Group, Kansas

“I originally met Paul Kechnie from Performance Brokerage Services through a dealership he had listed in the Omaha market. This recent transaction is the third dealership I have purchased with Paul involved. As always, Paul was a great asset in making this transaction a smooth one.”

Gregg Young, President

Gregg Young Auto Group, Nebraska

“When I decided to sell my store I engaged the services of Paul Kechnie with Performance Brokerage Services. I was very pleased with Paul's ability to come up with a great buyer in a relatively short period of time. Paul's knowledge and dedication helped to make the transition go smoothly and ultimately close. I highly recommend Paul Kechnie and Performance Brokerage Services. ”

Dave Moore, Seller

Dave Moore Ford, Texas

“We had mentioned in passing to Paul Kechnie of Performance Brokerage Services that we may want to divest of our store in Minnesota. In a very short period of time, Paul contacted us asking if he could discuss the opportunity with a specific buyer. As it turned out, the Markquart family were a good fit and good people that we felt we could sell our store to.  Paul's knowledge and professionalism made the process as efficient as possible.”

Justin Lake

Vern Eide Motorcars, Iowa and South Dakota

“David Melton and Performance Brokerage Services did an excellent job! Dave brought plenty of buyers, followed the sale right until the very end and even attended the closing. I am very happy with the whole transaction.”

Joe Shauger, President

Ford of Nazareth, Pennsylvania

“I have purchased over 35 new car stores in my career. In the beginning, I stayed away from brokers. Since I met Jason and Moshe Stopnitzky, I learned something from them. They are not looking for a sale like a broker. They are looking for a customer they can help to make an educated transaction. Their honesty, integrity and attention to detail are second to none. Years ago, I called and said I was looking for a Honda store in southern California. They said they would find me one. They ran several choices by me until we found the perfect match. 6 months later, I own a great Honda dealership in Ventura, California. After doing several deals with them, I now know they only do deals one way…that is a win for the buyer as well as a win for the seller. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a car dealership.”

Jeffrey Cappo, President

Victory Auto Group, Wards Auto Top-50 Dealer

“We utilized Moshe and Jason Stopnitzky to help us sell our dealerships in Kingman, Arizona. We were impressed by their efforts in not only finding the right buyer, but also in following through to see the transaction to its conclusion. Above all, they were gentlemen all along the way and were a pleasure to work with.”

Tyler Corder, CFO

Findlay Automotive Group