Our dealership was and always is our baby. To say we were a picky seller is an understatement. There were so many qualitative elements to our deal: our valued employees, our relationships with our business partners, and the very important element of winning, on both sides of the table, for both seller and buyer. Only after accomplishing all these elements and more could my partner and I feel like we were walking out the front door. Moshe, Jason and Jesse listened first, then leveraged their many years of experience and connections within the industry finding us the perfect match, willing and motivated to honor our commitments to our employees, our customers and our community. They never gave up or asked that we compromise our wishes, instead they worked tirelessly to make a request a reality. Both my partner, Laurie Bush and myself, will not hesitate to recommend Performance and their team of trusted counselors. Simply put, they are by far the best at what they do and more importantly, how they do it.

John Nakamura, Seller
Albany Subaru of Albany, California

Jason Stopnitzky did an outstanding job finding the right buyer and keeping in touch with our group every step of the way. His constant communication helped put the deal together. I put a lot of trust in a broker and Performance Brokerage Services came through in a big way. Not sure any other broker would have been able to facilitate the sale like they did. To any dealer looking for an extremely hard working and honest broker, Jason is your guy.

– Scott Gruwell, Partner

Courtesy Automotive Group

“I sell trucks. I don’t sell truck dealerships.” That’s the first thing I said to Dan Argiro at Performance Brokerage Services when we met. I trusted Dan and Performance to sell my dealership after 64 years in the family. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service, professionalism, honesty, and integrity that Dan brought to this deal. He was always available nights, weekends, and holidays. Communication is critical in any business, and Dan is one of the best. He kept my information confidential and made a difficult and complex process as smooth as possible. Dan was able to help me navigate the sale of my dealership and play a major part in this life changing event for my family and me. Taking care of my employees was a very big deal for me, and finding the right buyer for my dealership was paramount to the sale. Dan and Performance Brokerage Services delivered on everything they promised. I highly recommend Dan Argiro and Performance for any dealer that is looking to buy or sell a dealership in North America.

– Ed Wian, Seller

Tri County International, Pennsylvania

Paul Kechnie of Performance Brokerage Services was fantastic to work with. From a communication perspective, it felt as if he was working for both parties, even though he made it clear he was representing the seller. I look forward to working with Paul in the future. He was just phenomenal.

– Randy Hoffman, Executive Vice President

Ed Morse Automotive Group

“Working with Dan Argiro and Performance Brokerage Services on the acquisition of our latest International dealership was been a very smooth and pleasant experience! Dan made the process as easy as possible and was always available to answer questions. I would recommend Dan to help any dealer looking to buy or sell a dealership.”

– Fred Scheler, President

Five Star International, LLC

Dan Argiro and Performance Brokerage Services were instrumental in the purchase. They did an excellent job communicating with our team and helping throughout the process.

– George Brochick, Executive Vice President

Penske Automotive Group, Inc.

Our group had a great experience with Performance Brokerage Services. Jason Stopnitzky and his team know the automotive market extremely well. From the dealers, to the OEMs, to the attorneys, this is an extremely well respected brokerage firm that goes above and beyond to communicate and get deals closed quickly and accurately. In a business where time is of short supply, the high level of service offered is greatly appreciated.

– Chad Martin, J.D., President

Martin Management Group

I met Paul Kechnie a few years ago when he was traveling through Minneapolis. When I came to the decision to sell my dealership, I felt Paul’s experience as a former New Car Dealer and as a dealership broker would be a benefit in finding me the right buyer for Main Motors. Paul was able to connect me with a few buyers that were qualified; ultimately, I felt the Mauer family were the perfect fit. I found Paul to be knowledgeable, professional and ethical. In my opinion, the best combination to handle your life’s work. Thank you for all you do, Paul.

– Karen Carlson, Seller

Main Motor Chevrolet, Minnesota

Dear David, thank you so much for finding me a qualified buyer so quickly. One of my major goals was to have a buyer that was going to continue what my family had built over the past 59 years. This was extremely important to me and the buyer is truly that person. From our first meeting to the sale of my dealership, everything went extremely well and all of us got along great! The pricing structure for my dealership was right on target for me and Jason. Also, your fee was very fair. Maybe even more than fair due to the short time from start to finish. Our early meetings were good. You understood it was a big step for me and you were patient with me on my decision to go forward. I appreciated that. I also want to thank you for the recommendation of Les Chayo as attorney. You and Les were both very professional, excellent on communication, quick and very helpful. It was a real pleasure working with you.

– Jack Lafferty, Seller

Lafferty Chevrolet, Pennsylvania

“Over many years, I had been receiving emails and direct mail from George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services. I was considering retiring and I decided to call him. He immediately visited and we hit it off. I hired George based on his extensive experience, transparency, and honesty. George was able to identify the best buyer, Dobbs Equity Partners. Many thanks to George for his tenacity and perseverance. I am incredibly happy and starting to enjoy retirement! If you are like me and considering selling out, I would certainly recommend George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services.”

– Jim Ross, Seller

Ross Ford Toyota, Arkansas

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