Performance Brokerage Services are a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of the auto industry and deal structure is impressive. Anytime we have a broker that adds value and is focused on the finish line, they are an asset to our team. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Mark DeBoer
Lithia Motors, Inc. VP Corporate Development

I evaluate on an average 25 dealerships a year as potential acquisitions. In doing so, I have worked with brokers from every national brokerage company to many small brokerages groups. I have known virtually every type of broker: from brokers that commit fraud, to those that cannot tell the difference between stores. I can honestly say that Jason is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful brokers that I have known. Unlike any other broker, he can speak knowledgeably about virtually any market in the US, and also has a keen understanding of internal dealership’s operations. This unique combination makes him a valuable consultant as well as a broker. He is one of the only brokers in the business that you SHOULD know.

– Nicholas Parks, President

Multi-Dealer, California/Alabama

I have known Moshe and Jason Stopnitzky for many years. Over that time we have purchased and sold several dealerships with their assistance. Moshe has always looked out for my best interest in all of our dealings, and has earned my trust. Not only do I consider him a great business professional, I also consider the Stopnitzky’s great friends. They have been a significant factor in our success.

– Ralph Martinez, President

Multi-Dealer, Oregon/Washington

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Moshe Stopnitzky and his son Jason for over 13 years, and I think they are one of the best car dealership brokers in the business. They are honest and fair in doing deals. I bought one of my dealerships with their help. Not only was Moshe there all the way to finish the deal, he called me every month to see how I was doing until I got it under control! I am happy to say that Moshe is a friend, and I look forward to do a lot more business with him and Performance Brokerage Services in the future.

– Hooman Nissani, President

Hooman Auto Group, California

Our experience with Performance Brokerage Services has been nothing short of extraordinary. We always seem to put together deals with many moving pieces; from land and facilities, to sometimes consolidating multiple franchises. Jason uses his knowledge and extensive experience in closing deals to guide us through the often difficult negotiations, and phases along the way. Jason keeps in constant contact and is available 24/7 to make sure the deal comes together. It’s great to have a partner with his talent, insight, drive and professionalism working with you throughout the process.

– Scott Nietert, CFO

Premier Automotive Group, Multi-States

Performance Brokerage Services was most helpful in assisting our company in identifying an opportunity with an existing import dealership in our community. I would not hesitate to work with them in any other future purchases or sales. They deal with us with great integrity and responsiveness.

– Tim White, President

White Family Companies, Inc., Multi-States

I have known Jason and Moshe Stopnitzky from Performance Brokerage Services for many years. I have recently acquired a dealership represented by them. Although they did not represent me in the transaction, I found their business conduct to be professional, ethical, timely and fair at all times. I recommend them and their services, if you are a buyer or a seller of a car dealership.

– Larry Green, President

Green Auto Group, Multi-States

Selling a business when it is not for sale openly, is very difficult to say the least. Jason worked with me over a two-year span to find the right buyer for our store. He worked with interested parties he knew confidentially until the right buyer was identified. This confidentiality element was paramount to us because we could not afford to have the “rumor mill “destroy the store in the interim. I would recommend Jason and Performance Brokerage Services to anyone. They are up front, honest and easy to work with. Sincerely,

– Robb Walther, CFO

Lanphere Enterprises, Inc., Oregon

As a young dealer group looking to grow our portfolio, we recently worked with George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services on the acquisition of Fields Treasure Coast Jaguar Land Rover franchises in Florida.  This was our first experience with George and Performance Brokerage Services. This firm and their knowledge of the auto industry as well as their professionalism is unmatched.

– Michael Grieco, Jr., President

Grieco Automotive Group, Multi-States

For many years, I have respected George Chaconas’ work ethic, tenacity and professionalism. George is a great resource and sound board as he is one of the more active auto dealership brokers. I appreciate his assistance in facilitating Gainesville Volkswagen and helping to create a win-win for both parties.

– Larry Morgan, President

Morgan Auto Group, Florida

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