Over 200 comments and experiences about working with us.


“ They are not looking for a sale like a broker. They are looking for a customer they can help. ”

Jeffrey Cappo, President

Victory Auto Group, Wards Auto Top-50 Dealer

“When we sold Pierce superstores to a large auto group, Moshe Stopnitzky made it happen. They are real pros, and they understand the market. The buyer, the seller and them, will work through the process with results and good council. If you are thinking of buying or selling a car dealership and need to select auto dealership brokers, Performance Brokerage Services is worth talking to.”

Jim Pierce, President

Pierce CDJR, Idaho

“I have worked with Jason Stopnitzky from Performance Brokerage on multiple projects in the past and I can say from the heart that I would not deal with any other auto dealership broker in the country. Thank you Jason and Moshe. Looking forward to our next purchase!”

Phil Leone

Premier Nissan of San Jose & Premier Nissan/Kia of Fremont

“Jason Stopnitzky is a great person and very easy car dealership broker to work with. I will do business with him and Performance Brokerage Services any time.”

Tony Booth, President

Multi-Dealer, Washington

“Jason Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services played a huge role working countless hours with all parties in making my 26-year dream come true to buy my first dealership Toyota of Poway.”

Vincent Castro

Poway, California

“I had the opportunity to conduct business recently with Performance Brokerage Services. I found them to be professional dealership brokers. They worked with us, the buyer and seller, to get the deal done as quickly as possible.”

Douglas Grant

Tacoma, Washington

“My first contact with Jason Stopnitzky about selling my dealership was in June of 2010. After meetings and conversations with Jason, I signed up with his company Performance Brokerage Services to sell the dealership. Within a month, he had a Letter of Intent from a very qualified candidate. Due to facility demands from Subaru, the deal fell through. Within a few months, we received another bonafide offer to purchase the dealership. That offer was with 99% of what we were looking for. Jason bent backwards to make the sale as smooth as it could possibly be. The end result for me, Jason was not only the broker, but my good friend. I would recommend him whole-heartedly. If you are looking to sell or purchase a car dealership, you will find no more competent broker to handle it for you, than my friend Jason.”

Geoffrey Harris, President

Subaru of San Bernardino, California

“I have known George and the principals at Performance Brokerage Services for many years and can represent that he and his company operate under a higher code of ethics and confidentiality. George assisted with the recent sale of my Kia store and I cannot recommend his services highly enough. Faced with a challenging project, George identified a buyer, worked the transaction from start to finish, and became a closer friend throughout the process. I always felt that he had our best interests in mind. Thank you for your hard work, George.”

Terry Laughridge, President

Terry Reid Hyundai of Cartersville, Georgia

“Many years ago I placed a call to Performance Brokerage Services, specifically Jason Stopnitzky, about the sale of my dealership and their process. I cannot begin to describe the genuine honor and professionalism I received from Jason answering my questions and concerns. Those conversations began a relationship of “truth” with great compassion for the possible life change I was looking for. Over the years, we talked several more times, more just about “things” than the sale of the dealership. Then about a year ago, I made the decision I was ready for change, but what I did not know was where this change would lead. Jason would introduce John Mecham, a partner with the firm and my contact. We spent countless conversations over the next year discretely looking for just the right buyer for something I had spent 22 years building. John unknowingly was to become more than just a Performance Brokerage Services partner, but an amazing friend. John’s communication and tenacity was stellar throughout the process and it did not take long to realize I was working with another “Super Star” of this firm. John and Jason not only found the right buyer, but helped create a new Auto Group that I am excited to be a part of. Sale, purchase and merger all at once with the right people and this firm is an amazing change in itself and a continued relationship with Performance Brokers is icing on the cake. The best in the business!”

Gust Kalatzes

Community Ford CDJR of Price, Utah

“I have been in the automobile business since 1955 and knew that if I were to succeed it would be due to honesty, integrity and hard work. Over this lengthy period, I have owned several dealerships and bought and sold them personally. However, in today’s business climate, I found it much easier to engage someone with a great deal of experience, honesty, integrity and who worked very diligently to consummate the buy/sell transaction. Moshe Stopnitzky and his Company, Performance Brokerage Services, did an excellent job.”

Bob Stone, Seller

Bob Stone Freeway Auto Center, Oregon

“John Mecham presented at our Nov. 2014 meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona to the Driving Force Auto Consulting Group. He was a hit! With his strong background as a dealer and consultant, he was able to offer a unique perspective about the value of dealerships. Unlike the traditional, by the numbers approach, John opened our eyes to the many variables that shade a transaction and a valuation. I would recommend John and Performance Brokerage as a great resource if you are considering buying or selling a car dealership.”

Dan James, CPA

James & Co., Utah