Performance Brokerage Services are a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of the auto industry and deal structure is impressive. Anytime we have a broker that adds value and is focused on the finish line, they are an asset to our team. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Mark DeBoer
Lithia Motors, Inc. VP Corporate Development

We utilized Moshe and Jason Stopnitzky to help us sell our dealerships in Kingman, Arizona. We were impressed by their efforts in not only finding the right buyer, but also in following through to see the transaction to its conclusion. Above all, they were gentlemen all along the way and were a pleasure to work with.

– Tyler Corder, CFO

Findlay Automotive Group

Jason Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services did a fantastic job finding a buyer for our dealership. We rarely sell dealerships, but when we do, we want the experience to be confidential and seamless. Jason’s industry knowledge and his network of high quality buyers helped us find a great fit for the dealership going forward. We always want a deal to benefit all parties involved and Jason was able to help us realize that in this transaction.

– David Smith, COO

Larry H. Smith Group

I had the pleasure of just completing my third deal this year with Jason Stopnitzky and Performance Brokerage Services. Honest, knowledgeable, ethical, and most of all a true pleasure to work with. If you are considering buying or selling, I highly recommend using Jason and the team at PBS.

– Sean Crowley, President

Crowley Car Company, California

We’ve known Moshe and Jason Stopnitzky at Performance Brokerage Services for a long time, and they’ve always been a trusted resource for us. They have a wealth of experience and truly understand the complexities of the business. This was our first time working with John Mecham, and he approached things with the same expertise. John did a terrific job of bringing both parties together. From start to finish, it was about as smooth and friction-less as I’ve seen, and I think both sides can say it was a “win-win”. I would confidently recommend John Mecham and Performance Brokerage Services.

– Mitch Pierce, President

Elway Dealership Group

I'm the kind of guy that walks into a dealership and introduces myself to the owner as someone who's interested in their store. With this mindset, I never saw any value in working with a broker until I received a phone call from Jason Stopnitzky. When my initial negotiations on my Watsonville deal fell apart, Jason was able to help bridge the differences and keep the deal together throughout the entire process. Jason made a huge difference in my experience by how he was able to pull everything and everyone together to make the difference in getting this deal to the finish line and keeping it there! Jason is now a dear friend of mine and I am a customer for life.

– Melvin Cooper, Buyer

Mid Bay Ford & Monterey CDJR, California

Working with George and Juan from Performance Brokerage Services was an absolute pleasure. The team was very responsive and accurate on information. I immediately knew I was dealing with professionals that know what they are doing. I look forward to using them in the future as we continue to grow!

– Ty Bullard, Partner

Joe Bullard Auto Group, Alabama

Over the last several years, I have acquired two dealerships with the help of George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services. I felt George would be the best advisor to exclusively represent me in the sale of Mobile Chevrolet. George is a very experienced deal maker and was extremely professional, hardworking, honest and transparent throughout the entire sales process and I look forward to working with George again. I would highly recommend George if you are considering selling or buying a car store!

– Roger Tovar, President

Multi-State Dealer Group

This is my first dealership purchase utilizing a broker. I had concerns if this would make the deal too complex. But like anything else, if you do business with great people, the outcome is always great! David and his team were fantastic. Total and complete transparency. David answered his cell phone EVERY time I called, and worked extremely hard for seller AND buyer to make a fair and simple transaction. David was there every step of the way and personally saw the closing through until the last document was signed. Very impressed with the company and most importantly, David. I made a deal and I made a friend. Many more to follow. Call me personally for a reference.

– Jason Owens, President

Patriot Auto Group, Pennsylvania

Jason Stopnitzky did an outstanding job finding the right buyer and keeping in touch with our group every step of the way. His constant communication helped put the deal together. I put a lot of trust in a broker and Performance Brokerage Services came through in a big way. Not sure any other broker would have been able to facilitate the sale like they did. To any dealer looking for an extremely hard working and honest broker, Jason is your guy.

– Scott Gruwell, Partner

Courtesy Automotive Group

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